In appearance, the Welsh dog is middle sized and well proportioned. They can be rough or smooth coated and can be of most colours including black, black-and-tan, red, blue merle or roan, with or without white markings. The ears may be pricked or folded forward. They have an alert expression, an active disposition and are highly intelligent. They are good guard dogs, barking at intruders, but are normally gentle and good with children.

Welsh Sheepdogs are very adaptable in their work. They have a natural instinct for stock work and are capable of using their own initiative aswell as being directed, which makes them very useful when working big groups of sheep in open country. They will spring to flush sheep from rocks or undergrowth and have tremendous agility and stamina.

Equally at home in enclosed land or in the handling pens, they will bark strongly if necessary and some will run across the backs of sheep if they become jammed. A strong dog can catch and hold a hill ewe at command, most will catch a lamb for treatment. They have immense courage a good Welsh dog weighing in at about 20kg can easily turn a 750kg cow.

Their will to work is in-bred and they need an active life-style. The Society wishes to restrict the sale of registered puppies to working stock farms only.